Released in 2021, Whybricks is an educational construction set that helps bring physical science concepts to life for students and teachers.

The construction system kit (containing 2,100 pieces, enough for 10 students to work individually) and lesson plans work seamlessly to be a complete STEM teaching resource. With Whybricks, educators can tap into students’ innate curiosity and explore physical science in meaningful ways. Whybricks helps make learning fun and relevant, with meaningful STEM extensions through engineering.

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Whybricks kit and free resources

Whybricks activities use captivating physical builds and engaging worksheets and investigations to keep students engaged and excited from start to end.

All Whybricks lessons employ inquiry-based pedagogy designed to help teachers transfer agency over learning to students. This approach transforms each lesson into an investigative learning journey.

Each Whybricks investigation dives into an interesting ‘why’ question, exploring different aspects of physical science and engineering. Through these investigations, students will:

  • encounter facts (for example, Newton’s second law is mathematically expressed as F=ma),
  • exercise a scientific mindset (for example, making observations by answering ‘what do you notice?’ and developing questions by considering ‘what do you wonder?’),
  • participate in scientific and engineering practices (for example, planning and carrying out an experiment or developing and iterating a design), and
  • make real-world connections between the world around them and the material they are learning.

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Whybricks kit