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Microbric’s educational products open up the world of computer science, coding, engineering and STEAM to students and teachers. Created with the classroom environment in mind, our products help teachers deliver curriculum outcomes without breaking the budget.

The Edison robot is designed for teaching coding in the classroom.

Meet Edison

The Edison robot is a powerful, engaging tool for teaching kids STEM, computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way.

Coding that’s tangible

Robots bring computer science to life. Unlike on-screen only coding, robots let kids really see their programs working. Programmable robots provide kids with instant, tangible feedback by allowing them to test in the real world as they go.

Using Edison, students can learn the fundamentals of coding as they progress through three different programming languages, including drag-and-drop icon-based programming all the way through to coding in a vertical text-based language.

Education that’s meaningful

The versatility of the Edison robot makes it a brilliant tool for teaching a wide range of subjects. Build and invent using Edison as the programmable base for an incredible range of engineering and STEM projects using the EdCreate construction kit and any other LEGO brick compatible building system.

Integrating Edison into your classroom is easy with our free teaching resources designed to help educators unlock robotics and coding to get the most out of Edison. All of our resources, including lesson plans, teacher’s guides and student worksheet sets, are free to download and licenced under Creative Commons.

Learn more about Edison branded products here.

The Edison robot is designed for teaching coding in the classroom.


Whybricks is an educational construction set that helps bring physical science concepts to life for students and teachers.

Making physical science tangible

The Whybricks kit helps students make tangible sense of topics that can otherwise feel abstract. Whybricks supports students to explore physical science and engineering phenomenon in an engaging, hands-on, minds-on way.

Whybricks is supported by a complete set of free educational resources tied to key physical science and engineering learning objectives. Each self-contained activity delivers meaningful educational outcomes. Intentionally flexible, the lessons can be delivered in any order to help introduce concepts, solidify understanding, or explore a particular topic further.

Inquiry-based hands-on, minds-on learning

Inquiry-based lessons help teachers transfer agency over learning to students. Diving into interesting ‘why’ questions drives students on an investigative learning journey, exploring different aspects of physical science and engineering.

Through each investigation students will:

  • encounter facts (for example, Newton’s second law is mathematically expressed as F=ma),
  • exercise a scientific mindset (for example, making observations by answering ‘what do you notice?’ and developing questions by considering ‘what do you wonder?’),
  • participate in scientific and engineering practices (for example, by planning and carrying out an experiment or by developing and iterating a design), and
  • make real-world connections between the world around them and the material they are learning.

Learn more about Whybricks branded products here.

Invention Engine and Invention Blocks image

Invention Engine

Invention Engine is a robust, hands-on platform for learning computer science. The system contains a programmable Invention Engine hub and a range of connectable bits (including LEDs, motors, and sensors) all of which can be easily attached to cardboard allowing coded creations to come to life.

The fun of inventing is the journey

The modular system allows students to begin with the basics, learning by doing as they build up skills and create exciting inventions.

The versatility of cardboard, the flexibility of the Invention Engine system and the comprehensive nature of the resources create a rich, playful and affordable base of materials that students can use across the curriculum.

Students are able to get coding fast with the Invention Engine block-based programming application, Invention Blocks. Invention Blocks is free, intuitive and robust.

Cardboard comes to life

The system contains a central hub and a range of bits (including LEDs, motors, and sensors) that are easily mounted to cardboard. The simple plug-in bits connect only one way, so students spend more time creating, learning and coding.

Students are able to experience not just the pride that comes with sharing an end product, but the joyful process of making itself. The Invention Engine building tools make it simple to integrate electronics to cardboard.
The Invention Engine building tools make reusing the electronic bits easy. In addition, using cardboard, which is inexpensive and readily replaceable frees students up to ‘have a crack’ and see if their ideas will work without the pressure of limited materials.

Learn more about Invention Engine branded products here.

Invention Engine and Invention Blocks image