Invention Engine

Released in 2022, Invention Engine is a robust, hands-on platform for learning computer science.

The system contains a programmable Invention Engine hub and a range of connectable Invention Engine bits (including LEDs, motors, and sensors) all of which can be easily attached to cardboard allowing coded creations to come to life. Programming is easy using Invention Blocks, a drag-and-drop programming language with powerful functionality and versatility.

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The Invention Engine Hub

The Invention Engine hub is a microcontroller, also known as the brains behind Invention Engine, that holds and executes programs. The hub connects to a computer via the USB port and is programmable via WebUSB.

The hub, and all the connectable Invention Engine bits, are ready to go! The Invention Engine bits connect easily to the hub via the eight ports along the top, thus avoiding technical issues that don’t contribute to student’s learning.

All of the Invention Engine bits and the hub integrate easily to cardboard, are reusable and programmable.

You can learn more about the Invention Engine hub here.

Invention Engine Hub
Invention Engine Hub and Bits image

The Invention Engine Bits

There are 15 Invention Engine bits, 9 input bits and 6 output bits, that students can use to create engaging inventions that interact with the world including lights, sounds and movement.

All the Invention Engine bits are easy to use, reusable and attach easily to cardboard.

The Invention Engine bits available for purchase (either as part of classroom bundles or in product packs) include:

  • Battery bit (input and output)
  • Button bit (input)
  • Dial bit (input)
  • Digital display bit (output)
  • IR Comms bits including IR receiver and IR transmitter (input)
  • LED bits (output)
  • Light sensor bit (input)
  • Magnet sensor bits (input)
  • Motor bit (output)
  • Noise sensor bit (input)
  • Proximity sensor bit (input)
  • Servo bit (output)
  • Speaker bit (output)
  • Temperature sensor bit (input)
  • Tilt sensor bit (input)

You can learn more about each of the Invention Engine bits here.

The Invention Engine Building Tools

The Invention Engine building tools, including the punch tool, stencil and rivets, make it simple to integrate electronics to cardboard. Building tools help to plan, build, and iterate inventions.

The building tools have been thoughtfully designed to provide students with a safe and robust system to build with cardboard and transform their ideas into inventions.

You can learn more about the Invention Engine building tools here.

Invention Engine stencil and punch tool
 Invention Engine cookie Jar Alarm

The Invention Engine Sample Pack

The sample pack is a risk-free opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ Invention Engine. Discover the lesson plans, the programming language, the electronics, and the construction materials to find the right fit for your class.

In the sample pack, you will receive everything you need to complete Unit 1 of the lessons and the Sample pack introduction activity. The activity guide will guide you to design, code, and build a cookie jar alarm.

By completing the project in the Sample pack, you can gain deeper understanding about the product before you commit to a classroom kit. Thus:

  • Evaluating if the product is appropriate for your class level
  • Understanding if the resources can help you deliver your curriculum needs
  • Imagining what it would be like to teach with Invention Engine in your own classroom

You can learn more about the sample pack and find the resources here.